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Sente (SEN-tay)

Sente is a 3D game written in Java. In the game Robots battle eachother in a 3D arena. The robots are controlled by using the Java programming language. Since those who play the game are skilled Java programmers, the game has been Open Sourced in order that those who use and enjoy it can improve it.

To play the game, a user subclasses a class that will controll a robot. The Robot is then added into a 3D battleing arena. The robot does what its controller tells it to, and also passes environmental information to the controller.

The Sente project has the following goals:

  1. Create the most graphicaly engaging arcade-like environment possible
  2. Create a fun and entertaining environment that engages beginning programmers while teaching them Java and OOP
  3. Keep the environment as unrestricting as possible to allow for advanced programming teqniques to be used.